Honesty. Empathy. Integrity.

Champion of Public Education

Ontario had a world-class education system. But with higher class sizes, less funding, and mandatory online learning, that situation is changing.

Covid-19 has only worsened the situation and teachers are now burning out at alarming rates.

Without a strong public education system, we are limiting the next generation from being able to succeed in a world that has higher expectations than ever before. Our kids deserve better. And we need to be putting up a greater fight for their future.

Sustainability begins by fixing cultural inequities

Seriously? The year is 2022 and we are just now getting around to removing a MSM blood donation ban, BIPoC are still disproportionately incarcerated/murdered by police, women still need to fear their right to bodily autonomy being stripped away each election cycle, and income inequality is at an all-time high.

These issues can all be easily addressed with a little bit of empathy. But we need leaders, not games.

Let’s start building an Ontario that works for all of its people.

There is no planet-B

We have less than 10 years before irreversible climate damage is done to our planet, yet corporate greed continues to come after our green belt, pollute our waterways, and challenge innovations/incentives that bring us closer to a world run on sustainable energy.

We can’t wait any longer to take action. It needs to be now.

And we can do it all without costing a single person their job.

There is More to Life than Work and Money

As Dr. Martin Luther King once said, we are neither socialist nor capitalist. What we have is “socialism for the rich; rugged free enterprise capitalism for everyone else.”

We can and should be building communities with our well-being as the primary objective. We have the capacity. It’s about time we start.